Tuesday, May 22, 2007

So I glued the top planks on, but they cracked on the sides. I glued them back together and then sanded them down, and now you can hardly tell. I still have a day or two of sanding to go, then it'll be ready for glassing. Also, a little bit of the tail didn't glue to the bottom, so I need to redo that little bit.

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Almost ready to put on the top planking

So I've put in all the strips I need and sanded down a flat surface to glue the top planking. Now all I need to do is put in my fin blocks. I've decided to use a quad fin canard system from rainbow fin co. The board should be super fast, but we'll see. I recently got the measurments for the fin placment from the grainsurf forum.

Costa Rica

Costa Rica was awesome. I took my 5'8" retro fish and it got pretty smashed up and messed me up a little, another reason to go with a wooden board.