Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Since I got the kit I was always thinking about what design to put on it as a logo. After alot of thinking without getting anywhere, I looked at a simple Ying Yang. I like the design, but it was too unoriginal, I wanted to add something to it. The two teardrop shapes resembled whales when I saw it on a certain angle, so I sketched this design up and carved it into my board with a sheetrock knife(I couldn't find the soldering iron).

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Chris said...

Hey -

I'm building a grain kit as well. Looks like your board is coming along nicely. Like the logo. Very creative. How did you ever resolve the section where your top planks did not meet your rail strips?

I'm just about to put on my top planks. The board has gone pretty well so far although I have made a few mistakes. I was going to use future fins also, but then passed because the installation kit turned me of. Good idea of just using the old chisel. I'm going to shape my fins and laminate them on my board.

Anyhow happy building. Your blog is great. Keep it up.